MG Park was born on November 22, 1964 in Seoul, Korea. As a young girl, she was treasured by her father as his youngest daughter. Her father was a fabric design director at Jae-Il Company in Seoul. Although her father was not a professional artist, he possessed an innate artistic nature. Like her father, Park also possessed artistic talent and wished to pursue art from a young age. Park entered Chu-Gyae Art College in 1984 to pursue a major in oil painting. After graduating, she married her husband in 1988.

Park took a few years off of artwork to recharge before participating in exhibitions. In 1993, the well-known, Korean artist Ho-Bum Ahn referred her to join an exhibition hosted by the Mokwoo Artist Association. After that she became a fulltime artist and joined many exhibitions and art shows.
Park's artwork was prized at the Sin Dong Ah Modern Art Show in 1994. In the same year, she earned high recognition from national and international art critics at the Korean-Japan Art Exhibition.
Park held a Solo Exhibition in 1995 at the Ye-Il Gallery. In 1998 she participated in a ten artist group exhibition called the 21st Century Korean Art Identity.  In 2000, she earned the grand prize from the Hanyang Art Competition.

Even though Park is very busy with her artwork, she has made time to be a volunteer at orphanages, nursing homes, and homeless shelters for more than 10 years.

When asked about her artwork, she mentions that fine art is not only about pursuing beauty on the outside, but also expressing inner-beauty. Therefore, she believes that all artists should emphasize inner-beauty in both their artwork and their lives.
Park enjoys giving joy to people through her artwork and her actions in serving her community.

Her work can be seen at fine art galleries and private collections throughout the United States and Europe.


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