Van Matino was born in Kyungbook, Korea in 1955. He was raised with an appreciation for nature and for simplicity. After graduating from Dong-Kook University with a degree in philosophy, Van Matino strived to incorporate his heritage and education into his artwork. In the years following his graduation, he went on to receive the main prize for the Korean Arts Grand Exhibition in 1979 as well as the Golden Prize for the MBC Grand Art Exhibition in 1980. He also participated in the Exhibition of Mokwoo Artists of Korean Oil Paintings Association, the Five Korea-Japan Exchange Exhibition, and the Fine Arts Exhibition in Seoul, Korea. By the time he reached his early twenties Van Matino had become a solid member of local art exhibitions.

Van Matino takes everyday objects and elements of nature to create striking compositions. From the artist's perspective, his paintings strive to display harmony. His beautifully balanced compositions place light and shadow against a simple yet rich palette. The combination creates a unified whole; sometimes whimsical, sometimes intense, and sometimes serene. Matino's paintings always leave the viewer feeling complete. His heritage and harmony show through to create exceptional works of art.

Currently, Van Matinois a member of both the Mokwoo Artist and the Korean Fine Art Associations. He has held countless exhibitions, including the National Fine Art Exhibition, Annual Korean Oil Painting Exhibition, Asian Modern Art Exhibition.

His paintings have captured many fans in the United States since their initial exhibitions in United States including the International Artexpo in New York. His work can be seen at fine art galleries and private collections throughout the United States and Europe.


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