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Our family has been framing every day since 1967. Our expertise and quality is why our customers choose us.
We have a lifetime of experience handling one-of-a-kind artwork, prints, rare documents, family heirlooms, as well as everyday framing projects such as diplomas, photos and children's drawings.

West End Gallery provides a comfortable atmosphere to choose your framing. Take a seat at our sales counter and let us show you great frame choices to compliment your picture, and your home.

Whether this is your first framing project and you have a
tight-budget, or if you are a seasoned framing shopper looking for a special frame, our goal is to put you at ease and give you many options. We are glad to serve you, whatever your needs.

We have the largest frame selection on display in Central Virginia. Choose from over 2,000 frame styles, in a wide
variety of styles and price ranges.

Click on any of the frames shown to see a few of the many thousands of finished framing projects we have done.

Our Budget-Friendly "Complete Custom Framing Package" offers a number of popular frames for as low as $69 including custom frame, matting, glass and professional fitting, and papering and wiring the back. A great option for those framing on a tight budget, and a surprisingly nice looking collection of frames available for the price.

Our Economical-to-Moderate priced frames offer very handsome choices, usually in the neighborhood of a couple-hundred dollars for a medium sized frame.

Our Premium frames are more distinctive including many styles imported from Italy and France. These frames are more about style and design, including real exotic-woods, water-gilded finishes, subtle color patinas and many other finishes as well. These frames are for those seeking a more sophisticated look, from sleek and contemporary to traditional and ornate. These frames start at a couple-hundred dollars.

Our Investment level frames are true museum frames including hand-carved designs with customizible finishes as well as genuine 22k gold leaf finishes. They are very good choices for fine original paintings, family portraits and other feature pieces for your home. The prices on these frames can be anywhere from the upper-hundreds to several thousand dollars depending on size.

Over the years (or decades) we have watched how big-box craft stores have confused customers by advertising 1/3 Off, 50% Off, 60% Off and even 70% Off and then doubled or tripled normal framing prices to make up for it. Many framing customers have learned about their tactics of false advertising, but still a few are fooled into thinking they're getting a discount, when they are not.

(More info about big box misleading frame-sale advertising can be seen here)

West End Gallery has real, everyday frame prices without "frame sale" gimmicks. We would rather treat you as we would like to be treated, rather than advertise a false sale like the competition.

Our customer find our prices very fair, whether choosing one of our expensive frames, or one of our more modest priced frames. Whatever your budget, we have custom frames in all price ranges.


Since 1967 our family has been in the framing business. We know what looks great, and we have a selection of frames that is unique to let your framed item become your own.

We are a true frame shop in every sense. All orders are made on the premises. We cut and join your moulding, we custom cut your glass and matting, we drymount in our large press (up to 40x60) and we have several-thousand feet of moulding on-hand at all times. Our frame shop is prepared for virtually any framing project.

Are you in a hurry? Did you forget their birthday is in a few days? Is the whole family coming over to your house soon?

Normally we ask anywhere from 2-3 weeks for non-rush orders. This time allows us to have such a unique collection of frame styles and allows us time to carefully make each and every frame order.

But if you find yourself in a rush and need framing in a matter of days (or within 1 day), then please let us know right when you arrive. We will then show you options we can complete within your time frame.

Rush orders are taken when possible, and most of the time can be taken without a problem.

When near a large holiday (like Christmas) then a lot of rush orders may already placed. We will do everything we can to take in your rush order. Please note that unique items such as shadowboxes often require much more time than standard framing.

Thank you for taking the time to read about us.
We look forward to serving your framing needs!

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